Theme Thursday: Job interviews

Lots of stuff happens in the early fall, two of which impact most of us (the NQOKD community, or even people in general) directly: school begins and companies across the board ramp up for the busy season to come. Fall 2009 @ Emerson is shaping up to be a blast, and I have a job interview tomorrow, about which I am very excited. I know a lot of you are teachers or students, and the rest of you work in publishing, a field that is well known for taking the summer pretty lightly in preparation for it’s hectic fall. When I think about that in combination with my lack of advertising over all throughout the last week (or two), and I’m not disappointed about how few Theme Thursday submissions we received last week. You (like me) have enough on your plate.

In that mode, no remix this week. All of the entries were excellent, and thank you so much for playing! But like most of you, I’m prepping for everything else. However, the emphasis of this game is on building community specifically to remove my ego from the main purpose of the site. Therefore, I will give you a new theme. 🙂

This week’s theme: Job interviews

Tell about your best or your worst, the before or the after, the misrepresentations or the fulfilled dreams; tell about the mediocre, those that lead you to the minimum success of middle class mediocrity, or those that left you wanting a source of hope. Let’s hear some of you get lofty about your career and professional ambitions and others get down and dirty about social satire or commentary!

I will have a new post for you Friday. 🙂


The only right I assume from you posting a comment is that I am able to host your work on this blog for non-commercial purposes with attribution. You keep all other rights.

I do have plans to attempt to monetize this site once the boulder rolls a little further down hill, but at this point there are NO ASSUMPTIONS OF COMMERCIAL RIGHTS. I will contact authors on an individual basis for any and all commercial purposes.

Make the entries as short or as long as you want, and any genre is fair game: fiction, non-, and poetry. Publish in comments stories, no matter how polished or raw, according to the game of the week. If I like your story, I’ll contact you and ask for permission to remix your work, which I’ll post with the next week’s contest.

You have one week to submit your story, and please, please do. I don’t want this site to be my literary masturbation. Join me, and perhaps get some free editing and mentoring along the way!

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