So it’s time to get this train back on the road

Er… wait. Yeah, I mean what I said. Trains go on road sometimes. You know, like at intersections. Whatever, don’t judge me.

In the mode of our modern frilly psuedo-philosophy, I’m going to make an attempt to make this blog sustainable. (I’m 0 and 2 for metaphors tonight, or is that 0 and 3? Damn, maybe I should’ve waited another week… ;-p)

Here’s the deal:

1) Less Twitter and Facebook updates. The energy to properly market this blog was KILLING me. No more of that silly shit.

2) A whole list of theme days to make generation easier on me and community building through content contribution more compelling for you! 🙂
a) Microstory Mondays
b) Trackback Tuesdays
c) Guest Wednesdays
d) Theme Thursdays
e) Greg Fridays

This is all still up for consideration, of course. But I had to make a choice. I had to either decide to try and monetize this thing, what with the independent server and the ads and maybe some Quarterly Reviews and other well-thought-out concepts, or I had to back WAY off. I made the latter choice.

In that mode, welcome to your first Microstory Monday.

The challenge

Write a full story in less than three sentences. Fact, fiction, whatever.

The prize!

I’ll ask for your permission to rewrite the story to be posted next week. HOLY COW BEST PRIZE EVAR ZOMG!?!?

No stories? No problem. I’ll keep doing this until I get something or get tired of it. I’m hoping that at least a few of you out there like this sort of thing as much as I do, and I’m hoping that you decide to do it here instead of somewhere else for no particular reason. Now let’s see how this goes!


The only right I assume from you posting a comment is that I am able to host your work on this blog for non-commercial purposes with attribution. You keep all other rights.

I do have plans to attempt to monetize this site once the boulder rolls a little further down hill, but at this point there are NO ASSUMPTIONS OF COMMERCIAL RIGHTS. I will contact authors on an individual basis for any and all commercial purposes.

Make the entries as short or as long as you want, and any genre is fair game: fiction, non-, and poetry. Publish in comments stories, no matter how polished or raw, according to the game of the week. If I like your story, I’ll contact you and ask for permission to remix your work, which I’ll post with the next week’s contest.

You have one week to submit your story, and please, please do. I don’t want this site to be my literary masturbation. Join me, and perhaps get some free editing and mentoring along the way!

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Author: Greg Freed

8 thoughts on “So it’s time to get this train back on the road

  1. You sure about this? Three sentences? I wrote a 24 page research paper on the public’s poor use of grammar, all in one sentence. Three sentences gives me a lot of leeway.

  2. The silver SUV raced down the street weaving in and out of traffic. You could hear him screaming at her from the sidewalk as the car whizzed by. Her face lit up in terror…crash!

  3. A man,dazzed and confused, stumbling along in dark room, can make out the shape a door infront of him and a door behind him, both with light gleaming from the seems. His friends, whose judgments he trusts the most, tell him to go through the door behind him, because it’s the best thing he can do for himself and he knows it the truth in that logic, he knows the truth in their wisdom. So he stops stumbling and stands erect, all the while walking through the door ahead of him…

  4. Sounds like a good way to organize things. I can imagine that the work involved was killing you. I was pretty impressed. Now… if I could just dig my head out of my own writing to keep up better, then you’d have more of a sense that I’m serious. 🙂

    The new version of book one nears completion!

    Sorry… off track again. 🙂

    Anyway. A story in 3 sentences!

    Her son is living in the house again, even as he nears thirty, certain that personal pleasure is the way to happiness. He’s lost in the high school mentality that worry about money is odd, oblivious to his natural generation of money worry in others by mooching. Others debate whether to confront him and his intelligent, selfish charisma, fearing the same shitty treatment he gives his mother when she confronts him.

  5. As if through a thick blanket of ocean, he is ripped away from the earth below him, all gravity suddenly lost in this one fragile moment, everything falling away in beautiful synchronization. He doesn’t know it yet, but his lifeless body is spinning, spinning, spinning through the air, tearing it apart like a tiger does to its once-humble prey. And before he or anyone else notices, he is folded in half–like a brittle tube being snapped against someone’s knee–his spine emitting a moist, sickening crunch before he is tossed across the room, lifeless.

    1. Glad to see you taking part. This blog isn’t very active anymore because I’m finishing up my MFA in Creative Writing next semester which has me all kerfluffled. I’ll follow your writing, and perhaps when the MFA is done I’ll actually make good on this post.

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