Community support?

So I lost my community when I disbanded this blog last year, but if you’ll forgive me for abandoning you, I’ll get this show going again. It’s a new Monday, and that means a new call for microstories! (Featured fans are on hold for the moment.)

Microstory Monday

Write a full story in less than three sentences. Fact, fiction, whatever. No prompt, just write. If I like it, I’ll ask for your permission to rewrite the story to be posted next week. HOLY COW BEST PRIZE EVAR ZOMG!?!?


5 thoughts on “Community support?

  1. Three sentences? Sounds like a massive run on sentence challenge, to me.

    I came down the escalator, and start to look for them. I hadn’t met Ashley, but was excited for the time we’d spend together. Greg patted me on the back and we embraced, like old friends should.

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