How to edit Word attachments from Gmail in Google Drive

I’m a Google advocate. I love Android and Gapps. I love Samsung devices, and ripping off their OEM Android and sideloading custom ROMs. (Here’s looking at you, Carbon!) But there’s one thing I really need Google to get right where they’ve been letting me down, and that’s content drafting. I’ve briefly written about it before, but a recent assistance-request has dredged up the topic again. Here it is, in case it should prove helpful to you:

I downloaded an attachment from Gmail to Drive, and then clicked “Show in Drive”. It opens a tab to view, but I can’t edit the document. Edit is an option in the menu, but I can only highlight text. So I downloaded it to copy and paste a section – any tips? I searched help edit, but nothing applied…in internet explorer; maybe need to reinstall chrome.

Bad Google.

Google Drive can’t actually edit Word documents; it has to convert them into Google Doc format and then re-convert them to Word. You, the user, don’t need to worry about this except insofar as that’s why you can’t edit the saved Word file.

Once you’ve saved the document to Drive and selected “Show in Drive”, instead of clicking on the file name to open it (which will open it in the Google Drive Viewer, a fairly useless app), click the checkmark next to the file name. Then click on the “More” button in the toolbar at the top and select Open With -> Google Docs. This will convert the document to an editable Google doc and save it as a Google doc, so when you go back to your Google Drive list you’ll see two files, the Word file and the Google Doc. You can delete the Word file whenever you want; it will become outdated the moment you edit the Google Doc file.

Make any edits you want to the Google Doc, and when you’re finished, select File -> Download as -> Microsoft Word (.docx). The updated DOCX will download, and you can send that as an attachment in Gmail. You could also share the file through Google Drive, but I’ve found this annoys most Office users.

I hope this helps.

Another option that would avoid having a redundant Word file would be to download the attachments from Gmail to your hard drive and then upload the document from your hard drive to Google Drive. In order to avoid the redundant file, make sure “Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format” is selected. A pop-up with this option should load when you attempt to upload the file(s), but if it does not, navigate from the Google Drive home screen to Settings -> Upload Settings. In this menu, select either “Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format” to convert all uploads automatically or “Confirm settings before each upload” to select each time you upload a new file through the web interface.

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