Blake and Mona #A – The first part, probably also the climax

All writings will be posted in the order I wrote them. I wrote this piece in September 2017.

Method to post is: Write by hand using Noodler’s Apache Sunset in a Mont Blanc fountain pen I bought myself (on credit) while in the UK after college (just to make sure it was as expensive as possible, I guess; Harrod’s had some effect on me.), and edit using Noodler’s Bulletproof Black (which I received incorrectly when I ordered Noodler’s Black Swan Australian Rose, but I didn’t send it back) in some Pilot fountain pen my sister-in-law gave me after using it to address her wedding envelopes on Neenah Classic Linen Writing Paper, and the photograph using the Google Drive Android app Scan function with “Image enhancement: Color” and “Image Quality: High” and Torch on for every picture, and then converting the PDF to PNGs via, and finally uploading those photos via WordPress’s default web-based blog post method.

Digitization was… a chore. I’ll probably switch that up within the next few posts. My sister-in-law (and local library) both have scanners, for example. Let me know if the image quality is too poor, and I’ll make some tweaks there also and even try to re-post the pictures. (Eventually I began writing in black instead of orange, and that might make the images more legible. We’ll see; this is the only one I’m posting tonight.)

And so:




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