How to edit Word attachments from Gmail in Google Drive

I'm a Google advocate. I love Android and Gapps. I love Samsung devices, and ripping off their OEM Android and sideloading custom ROMs. (Here's looking at you, Carbon!) But there's one thing I really need Google to get right where they've been letting me down, and that's content drafting. I've briefly written about it before, … Continue reading How to edit Word attachments from Gmail in Google Drive

Advertisements Tags Customers Associate with This Product

The “tags” that appear on Amazon product pages are user-generated tags and can be as helpful or spiteful as any user comment. Publishers and individual authors have no control over what tags customers associate with any given product. The best practice one can do, if one is so inclined, is to navigate to the “Tags … Continue reading Tags Customers Associate with This Product

Beginning blogging and tips and tricks

I've been pleasantly surprised that even though my readership is small, several readers have asked how to make a website like mine. I'm going to charitably assume you mean my blog, which is what you're reading, and not my temporarily abandoned website. Therefore, here's a post about choices I've made, research I've stumbled upon, and hacks I've created. I will start with the most rudimentary information, since it's what has been requested, and move on to the more difficult work and choices.