As of 09/01/09, this site has three primary features. Soon we’ll have four! once I figure out what to do with Tuesdays….)

NQOKD posts guest authors every Wednesday. You can easily access their posts by scrolling down to the “Categories” widget in the right column and selecting “Guest author” from the list. We are currently seeking guest authors, so if your feel that your work fits in with the humanitarian and stylistic experiment that drives this site, please submit a sample via the Contact page.

Theme Thursdays call for users to submit fiction, nonfiction, and poetry as long as they adhere to the day’s theme. Be part of this fun literary and creative game!

Featured Fan stories are posted the first Monday of every month. In order to be eligible for this feature, please join the Facebook group (soon to be upgraded to a fan page). Access Featured Fan posts by scrolling to the “Categories” widget in the right column and selecting “Featured fan.”

I plan on offering content on Tuesday, but the idea is still in the air.


4 thoughts on “Features

  1. First monday of every month. If I did it every Monday, I’d run out of Facebook fans pretty quick, doncha know. 🙂

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