Below is just some of the positive feedback I’ve received. Negative feedback exists, mostly from family members, but maturity compels me to censor it.

Just been reading quickly through your blog, a lot of stuff here to absorb, for sure.

You write very well. I’ll be back to read more. Just wanted to tell you that.

There is of course an ‘American’ perspective to your writing I’d like to explore, something that us writers living in leafy European towns need to do more of. In any case, I will spend more time reading you. Have spent the last 3 weeks in hamster-like solitary confinement finishing 1st draft of my novel, so need to get away from words (tweets are refreshing like that:) and have a little break before my kids and husband return back from camping and peace no more!!

I’ll be following:))

I am sure it is really hard for some people to read because it is sometimes brutally honest and your don’t sugar coat, but that is why I like reading what you write.

You’re excellent at evoking emotions from your audience, be it joyful or not. I can’t wait to watch you develop as an author on your blog! In my humble (meager, little) opinion you still have some time before you hit a stride with it, but writing is clearly cathartic and enjoyable for you.

I absolutely love your work and your writing is amazing. I know writers who are better than me when I see them.

Your blog is amazing!  It got me through my delayed flight in Albuquerque. You’re an amazing writer!

I think you’re onto something, blogging at another level.

I really like the idea of a community writing forum [Theme Thursdays], and I need the impetus to write creatively (in this way).

You’re rolling! Good work – I enjoy the site.


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