Greg Freed is a copyeditor and proofreader with five years of experience in publishing in addition to having completed Emerson College’s Graduate Certificate in Book Publishing and MFA in Creative Writing. He prefers work that blends the boundary between production and editorial, especially work with a tech-savvy bent.

Greg also runs NQOKD, a community writing project, where you can see some of his editorial work as well as his writing.

Employers and clients (partial)

Fidelity Investments, Communications Specialist, 10/2007 – 02/2008
Redivider, Head Proofreader, 08/2008 – 08/2010
Fibonacci Editions, Associate Editor, 04/2009 – 08/2010
Tighe Publishing Services, Copyeditor, 10/2006 – 05/2007
David R. Godine, Publisher; Copyeditor; 02/2007 – 12/2007
A-1 Editing Service, Editor, 04/2006 – 10/2009


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    1. I use it as my laptop’s background, so when I’m working at a cafe people looking at my screen wondering, “What’s that fella writing?” can see “FUCK. THAT. SHIT.” very clearly.

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