Theme Thursday: Fast food

In homage to my link of the first In-N-Out in Dallas getting 12 comments where my post about Mark Twain's finally released autobiography got 1, I've decided to let you write about what you OBVIOUSLY want to talk about: Fast food. You loyalties, your disgusting stories, your thoughts. Write them in the comments below.


Virgin Pulp

A new report has stated that children's publishers across the board are promoting Indonesian deforestation, and the children's market across all industries is unhappily tainted with reports of corner-cutting. Perhaps we wouldn't be surprised to hear that a children's book printed in China used that same ink mentioned in The Name of the Rose or a cheaper variant with the same implications. I suppose, all things considered, we're lucky the books aren't printed with lead ink!

Theme Thursday: Curses and Blessings

This site is undergoing a renovation in my mind. In that vein, I'm beginning to post anew even if it's totally minimal to see what followers still show up to take part. So here's a Theme Thursday with no other buffer. Please participate! 🙂 This week’s theme: Curses and Blessings Attempt to isolate that one … Continue reading Theme Thursday: Curses and Blessings

Bridging the Gap: The American question of authority

Perhaps it's that being young and not living through Nixon or Reagan I never lost faith in authority per se even though I grew up with a complete distrust of politicians. But then what is the definitive split I see between authority and politicians that allows me to trust the one and not the other? I would say it's my perception of the echo chamber.